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While Lamb is online, user can download data from his herd. His herd is stored on the device. When this operation is successfully completed, user can execute all operations offline. Because our users are working with sensitive data that cannot be lost.
A special mechanism makes sure that backups of the data that are stored locally and online.


Lamb is a tool that enables users to register data into the national Icelandic database for sheep (named Fjárvis). The main yearly operations are available:

  • Births.

  • Weights.

  • Mattings.

  • Electronic tags.

  • Lists/Groups.

  • Update animals


In memory

Important data are stored in the memory of the device. They allows Lamb users to be able to access their information instantly. Searching for an animal and retriving detailed informations takes less that half of a second. The same performances are vital when scanning animals. User can scan, save and walk to the next sheep.


Hidden complexity

Lamb interface is designed the enable users to register and read in demanding environment, such as humidity, cold, darkness and with gloves ! We have years of experience, and a strong community of users around us.


Data flow

All data can be registered offline, a birth, an update, a group. Thoses information are saved on the device. As soon as the device connects to the network, data are copied and saved. When use is ready, he sends the data to the main national database. This transfer is also saved, so use can see what has been sent. For us security of the data is vital.A special mechanism makes sure that backups of the data that are stored locally and online.


Bluetooth readers that works with LAMB

LAMB 3 - dev
LAMB Kynningarvideo
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